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TICKETPRO is a leading provider of ticketing services with active operations in Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malaysia, Poland and the Slovak Republic, serving a majority of the foremost local entertainment facilities and promoters. Thanks to its distribution network comprised of hundreds of various sale points, call centers, and Internet websites, Ticketpro sell millions of tickets every year.

Belarus Belarus - As of September 2009, Ticketpro starts its new operation in Belarus. The company is planning to change an existing ticketing market significantly. The main target is to provide the people with the best quality ticket service for all the major events including sport events and concerts. There is also a possibility to buy E-Tickets and M-Tickets on the website www.ticketpro.by. The first ticket was sold on August 18th, 2009. Ticketpro Belarus is the first fully computerized ticketing network in this country. The first event on sale is a hockey match in Minsk which will take the place on September 14th at Palace of Sports in Minsk. The capacity of the venue for a hockey match is around 3,500 seats. This is the first match of the Continental Hockey League. Best teams from Russia, Belarus and Baltic countries. This match will be played between Dinamo (Minsk) and Salavat Yulaev UFA (Russia).

Bulgaria Bulgaria - Ticketpro Bulgaria was launched in January 2006 with ticket sales of Depeche Mode. The stadium concert was sold out within two weeks, the fastest sell-out in the history of the country for a stadium event. Ticketpro Bulgaria is increasing its activities and continues to innovate: months ago it successfully launched E-Ticket services in the country. With a radical increase of events featuring international touring attractions such as Iron Maiden and Pink, since its accession to the European Union Bulgaria is quickly becoming an integral part of the live entertainment map. Over the years Ticketpro Bulgaria has done major acts such as Mark Knopfler, Madonna, Duran Duran, Simply Red, Metallica, Def Leppard/White Snake, Stereo MC’s, Marilyn Manson, Ministry, Tarja Turunen, Ice Cube, Tiesto, Elton John and many more internationa and local prformers.

Chile Chile - Ticketpro Chile launched its operation during the second week of June 2009 and it is the first Spanish-speaking license and the first in Latin-American of TICKETPRO LTD. INTERNATIONAL. Chile, country open to the world, very competitive, with the best income per capita of the region, with 70% penetration in Internet and 100% in cell phone telephony, is always eager to install new technologies. Ticketpro Chile objective is to quickly captivate a majority of hyperconected young client’s with high purchasing power, offering them the most modern ticket sale service, for the most various types of events. Ticketro Chile has high expectations of growth for E-Tickets and M-Tickets, and added value services for Organizers and Promoters.

Czech Republic Czech Republic - Ticketpro’s first commercial operation was established in the former Czechoslovakia in 1992 as the first fully computerized ticketing network in Central and Eastern Europe. Since its inception, the company’s management has been able to secure ticketing service agreements with some 180 venues, with leading promoters and the most prestigious events, and sold tickets to shows such as the Rolling Stones, U2, Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Jackson, The International Prague Spring Music Festival and many others. Ticketpro Czech Republic is the leading market player with a dominant market share. During the year 2005 Ticketpro Czech Republic very successfully launched E-Ticke and since February 2007 Ticketpro Czech Republic has the ability to deliver a ticket to a mobile phone via a “text message” bar-code which can be read at the entrance of the venue.

Greece Greece - Ticketpro Greece launched its operations on March 1st, 2006. Their first event was the Rolling Stones concert presented in Athens’ Olympic Stadium on Sunday, June 25. As no ticketing software has yet been homologated by the Greek authorities, all tickets emitted must be “stamped” by the Greek taxation authorities before being distributed in the marketplace (Ticket House currently being the most successful ticketing network of the country). Ticketpro is confident that Ticketsoft should be homologated by the proper Greek authorities sometime before the end of 2007. While completing the homologation, Ticketpro continues to expand its presence in the marketplace by being the exclusive Internet ticketing service provider of Ticket House inventory. Before the Rolling Stones very small number of ticket inventories of an event was purchased via the Internet. The Stones became the Internet tipping point for Greece. Since then Internet sales have been rapidly growing.

Hungary Hungary - Ticketpro Hungary sold its first ticket in December 2003. Since the beginning of its creation, they have been an important provider for all of the most prestigious live entertainment and sporting events presented in the country. Ticketpro Hungary successfully launched the print at home E-Ticket in 2006.

Malaysia Malaysia - Has become the third Asian country to welcome a Ticketpro operation. Like many other aspects of Malaysian life, its entertainment industry is rapidly growing. Ticketpro Malaysia is dedicated in its endeavor to provide those active in the entertainment field with the ticketing tools they need to become as successful as possible. Launch in June this year, Ticketpro Malaysia has already successfully provided its services to the Proton International Badminton Competition, the International Competition of Firework, several musical events, etc. The list of events it is selling tickets for until the end of the year is growing rapidly on a weekly basis.

Poland Poland - Ticketpro Poland sold its first ticket in March 2004. They shattered all previous ticket sales records of the market in February 2005.  The U2 concert, presented later that same year in Slowski stadium welcomed a capacity of 70,000 audience members and was sold out in record time. In July 2005, Ticketpro Poland sold more than 120,000 tickets for the Jean-Michel Jarre concert presented in memoriam of the 25th anniversary of the Solidarnost Political Party funded by Mr. Lech Valesa.