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Iron Maidens first Indian Appearance ever!

The event was a huge success for the band, as well as for Ticketpro.

Remarkably, 80% of tickets for the concert were sold in advance, a very unusual tendency for the Indian market considering that, in the past, most pre-sales were never very high. Indias Iron Maiden fans were certainly committed to the event as the band performed in the familiar, hot Indian weather. The Edd Fest was Iron Maidens first concert in India and has since incited the band to plan other events in the near future. The band however arrived in India with an unusual request: that a real Indian elephant be present so that they could take pictures with it! And in response to their demands, an Indian elephant was present all day for the band, along with local staff, to be able to photograph it. For our MD in India, who is originally Canadian, it was a truly unique experience considering it was her first time, along with several others, to see a real live, majestic elephant.

Photo: Michal Kubat, Marek Flak



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